Monday, 2 May 2011

Stella Jurgen Sketching in Chicago, U.S.A.

I live in Ontario, Canada.  Last summer I visited Chicago for the second time, and on this trip a decided to really enjoy the amazing architecture mix.  Walking through the streets of Chicago makes me feel really small.  I tried to capture the feeling and greatness of the city.

View from the other side of the water in Chicago.

The view from a coffee shop besides the local subway system. It was very windy, so I could only take a few minutes and rush trough the drawing.
The famous "Cloud Gate" with reflections of the park and buildings.

The digital fountain that changes faces with water pouring from the top and centre of the mouth.
The Hampton Inn Suites hotel where we stayed.

Chicago downtown park for entertainment
The Chicago Jazz Festival strating up.  Most of the chairs was empty, I was almost the first one to grab a seat.

My son sitting an resting in the Mall

The boardwak path to the Planetarium.  Long and beautiful.

The vew from Michigan bridge.

Millennium Park, downtown Chicago with the view of the buildings behind.

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