Friday, 17 October 2014

More fun that I can handle....:)

This was a wonderful opportunity!  I was commissioned to make two pencil sketches of Chicago architecture by an U.S. resident.  I used reference from my on-location drawings and also photographs that I shot during my trip to Chicago.

 I was commissioned to make two ink and watercolour drawings of two houses in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Sketches done from photographs.

This is a commissioned work by the resident of this house in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  To be printed as postcards.  Sketch done on location.

A fashion creation by Stella Jurgen inspired by ink and line only.
Ink Sketch of the Snug Harbour Restaurant in Port Credit Marina, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Ink sketch of  "The 7" Restaurant located in Lakeshore Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Watercolour and ink sketch of antique cars during the Brantford Antique Car Show in July 2014.  Rainy day, umbrellas and puddles.

Watercolour and ink sketch of the Benares House Historic Museum in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Another ink and watercolour sketch of the Brantford Antique Car Show, 2013.

Sketches done during the Urban Sketchers - Montreal, Quebec, Canada in August 2013.
 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada, 2014

Ink and watercolour sketch of "The 7" Restaurant, 216 Lakeshore Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The Cellar Pub & Grill, Elora, Ontario, Canada - 2014.

St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada - 2014.

Inspired ink drawing by Stella Jurgen - 2014

 Ink and Watercolour sketches of Boston - December 2013.

Spicy Collection of 3 paintings by Stella Jurgen - Acrylic, spices, fun on Canvas.  Work for Sale.  Please inquire.